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Monday, August 19, 2013

CIA Admits Area 51 Exists! What Next?!

This is the sort of news report that bubbles up, fires the imagination for a moment, and then disappears as mysteriously as a UFO over a trailer park, a specter in the cemetery at midnight, or a chupacabra glimpsed along the roadside as you drive past. A 407 page report recently declassified tells much of the Cold War test site on the dry lake bed, Groom Lake. There are stories of testing the U-2 spy plane, the amazing SR-71, and a number of other exotic aircraft ... sadly none of them saucer shaped. Of course, the SR-71 has that triangular formation so often mentioned in sightings. For those who believe aliens and saucers remain on site at Area 51, it is believed this is just the first admission that anything happened at the well known and much storied site. If this goes down well with the public, the more extraordinary admissions will follow. It is generally felt among UFO followers that if the truth (Scully and Mulder style truth) were blurted out there would be global pandemonium. This large document contains plenty of redactions to keep enthusiast's fires stoked. For more, see: It's all in the National Security Archives and downloadable with torrent. Enjoy the read.

This story takes me back. In the 1970s when I was a teen there were a slew of articles and shows dealing with all sorts of strange occurrences and odd sightings. There was a whole series of UFO reports, Bigfoot articles, and Mothman tales appearing in papers as venerable as the Washington Post (or as long gone as the Washington Star) and I found the whole thing intriguing. Then there were the ghost stories for Halloween, the best coming from an annual radio broadcast on Halloween night on local station WMAL. It was called Washington Revisited by journalist John Alexander. He penned a book by the same title worth tracking down. That's one source from which the tales don't just disappear the next day, never to be heard from again, as with so many of these tales.

While I loved the idea of aliens among us, aliens flying from distant stars to meet us, there were certain aspects of the stories that bothered me. What's the idea of these brilliant astronauts from elsewhere who could leap fantastic distances showing up all small, gray, shriveled, and naked on our doorsteps?! Didn't they read H.G. Well's War of the Worlds? From that they would have known you don't go into somebody else's alien backyard without the extraterrestrial equivalent of a HAZMAT suit. Then there was the whole alien probe thing. How is it these creatures build fantastic spacecraft ... and then use rather primitive 20th century technology to make kinky medical studies of the humans scooped up in their ships??? Come on aliens. From Star Trek you should know you need tricorders, scanners, and small whirling medical devices, not invasive needles! Then these little gray naked guys show up in one of the most heavily traveled and armed countries on earth and none of them, not one, ends up either as road kill or a hunting trophy? Seems unlikely to me. Finally, with all the alien abductions how is it that not one single sticky fingered human didn't manage to lift a single alien souvenir off the ship. I mean, that's what we do, right???

Frankly, with some of the stuff we broadcast on TV and radio, I imagine aliens approaching our solar system, picking up some of that "entertainment programming," translating it, and deciding to just move on to some other system where the locals are a little friendlier and a whole lot saner.

Still, thanks for the article journalists. Thanks for the declassified, redacted documents CIA. You really took me back to the day when I kept a file on such stories ... a file that mysteriously disappeared some years ago! You've left me eagerly anticipating what's next. The truth remains out there X File aficionados ... and with any luck some more of it will surface soon ... and be wonderfully weird!

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