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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Leap of Faith for the Wedding Day

Our son married a wonderful young woman. On the wedding day, God gave them an interesting leap of faith to take. No, not the marriage vows (which does indeed require a leap of faith in each other's love and the institution itself), but in the weather. The morning service in an open glen in a mountain top state park was scheduled for 10:30 AM. At 9:30 AM it was still drizzling ... and an enclosed back up site was available. The challenges of informing all the guest of the changing venue would have been formidable ... but soaked guests, especially some of those in advanced years, could have been dangerous. Yet, they went ahead. They took the leap (aided with smart phone forecasts of clearing skies) and stuck to their site. They were rewarded. At 10:30 in the morning, the clouds parted, the sun burst forth and was filtered through the tree leaves to beautiful effect. The rest of the day and evening were gorgeous with weather in the 70s and that beautiful, gentle sunlight all day long.

It felt, at least to me, like a leap of faith well taken and amply rewarded. Of course, as father of the groom, I'm biased.

Here's to the young bride and groom and to all the leaps of faith they will take in the future. I wish them all the best and additional rewards for their faithful efforts down the road. 

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