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Monday, August 26, 2013

Reminder of the Pastor's Many Roles: Letter of Note

A single paged letter was kept by my grandmother that was addressed to my great grandfather, the pastor Martin Luther Hall. The document was dated 1931 and signed by West Virginia's governor William G. Conley. The letter acknowledged Reverend Hall's request for the clemency of a particular doctor (name redacted here out of consideration for any remaining family) who was convicted in the circuit court. I have no idea what came of this, but it reminds me that pastors are called upon to fulfill many roles in their careers.

Before receiving this letter and Reverend Hall's book of sermons and lessons, I did know one family story about him. It appears back in the day, the Ku Klux Klan paid my great grandfather a visit after church one day. Now a pastor represents and protects his flock. He did so this day. He protected them from a terrible evil and showed them by example that they should resist it. When the Klan members suggested strongly that Reverend Hall should join their band (and no doubt some powerful people in the area were members), my great grandfather told them they could all go to hell. I'm proud of that and will do my best as a minister to follow my great grandfather's example. 

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