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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Technical Difficulties with This Blog

Right now, J.S. Brooks Presents is experiencing technical difficulties. Once a post is written and published, I cannot return to it to make edits sometimes necessary after writing under the 30 minute deadline rule. So, dear reader, if you see flaws in posts for a while, be a little understanding, be patient, and we here will try to get the problem solved as soon as we can.

If anyone knows why a Blogger blog site would get into a situation where after a post is published, if you return under edit, you see the title only followed by a blank page instead of the published text and images, this author would love to know. Better yet, I'd love a solution left in the comments below. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Until then, I'll keep writing ... but without the editorial safety net.

Update: 8/24/13: Somehow the issue has resolved itself. I guess it was more a problem the the Blogger server than with my particular blog. I did some research and found the first suggestion to cure the problem is to clear the search engine's cache. This didn't work for me as the same situation occurred no matter which computer I opened the blog on. 

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