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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Trekker Takes on New Meaning With Google

I've been a "trekker" since my teen years ... but not this kind. Google Maps is taking "trekking" into a whole new dimension far removed from Star Trek. If you are physically fit and don't mind walking around with a 40 pound backpack that looks a bit like C-3PO after his encounter with hostile storm troopers on the Death Star (yeah, my geekiness knows no bounds), then you too can go where no Google car has gone before.

Google Maps is seeking your ability to walk where they cannot drive in their attempt to make Google Maps and Google Earth the most complete maps of the world possible. If you've used Google Maps or Earth, you know how much fun the ground level 360 degree views of sites can be. Well, Google is looking for men and women to boldly go to those places that may only be reached by foot ... public places or places where they have permission to go that is ... no sneaking into your neighbor's backyard now!

Apparently the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau was the first to take Google Maps up on this offer. I'll look forward to vicariously seeing those Hawaiian sites. A "trekker" has also taken in the Mall in Washington, D.C., going into the memorials and down the pathways cars can't reach. That'll be a worthwhile trek. I know. I've walked those paths and entered those memorials myself.

So, if you've got the spine (and the legs) to boldly go where Google Maps has not gone before, you can sign up and might become a whole new sort of "trekker." See:  for a look at the gadget and to follow through to the sign up page.

For more on Google Earth and Google Moon, see: and

If you are that original sort of "trekker, you might be interested in this:

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