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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Celebrating 1080 Posts: The 5 Minute Response

The last posting celebration came at post 880, so 1080 seemed to make sense to me.

Things have changed a bit since the celebration of that 880th post. Back then, J.S. Brooks Presents had just changed format to the 30 Minute Blogger and had yet to find a social media that promoted the blog well. Since then, the 5 Minute Response has developed as a personal challenge for quick, small postings like this (4 minutes left, hurry, hurry!!!) and I found (well, it found me to be perfectly honest) Google+, which really brought social media home from this blog page. Thanks to all the readers who continue to show up and who decide to stop by for the first time. I appreciate all your time and consideration. Things have changed a lot from post 1 to post 1080, and even quite a bit from post 880 to 1080. The biggest change (and one I hope some of you enjoy) is my willingness to journal here about issues of strong importance to me. These are quite often faith matters. My happiest discovery is that through this I end up saving quite a bit of material for future use, while also providing material I hope is thought provoking. I have pulled several reflection pieces off the blog for use in church bulletins. I imagine some of this material will become future reflections for monthly religious newsletters (God willing). More on that idea later.

Well, my five minutes are up, post 1080 is celebrated, and it's time to move on and see what the next 1080 posts will bring. Who knows!

That's the five minute response.

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