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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Toyota Yaris Savings on a Long Trip, More MPG

When my wife and I went down to Jonesborough, Tennessee, from our home, the trip was some 540 miles one way. Now, the Yaris has an estimated MPG of 35 miles. A mechanic we used pooh-poohed that number and told us we'd do better. I did the math and he was right. We averaged a little over 42 miles per gallon each way on that long drive in a 2009 Yaris with manual transmission. With a small gas tank, you really save at the pump. We filled the tank when it reached the quarter mark on the way down and then filled it again on the way back. It was wonderful and economical. It didn't hurt that Staunton, Virginia, had a gas station selling the go juice for $2.98 a gallon that burned just fine. The wallet was kept happy and the money available for other things.

In other news, the Yaris like many cars lets you know when your tire pressure is getting low. On the way home the other night I stopped at a gas station, got change for the air pump, went through the ritual removal of all valve stem covers prior to dropping my coins in the machine and starting the timer. As I was finishing up, a woman drop up and started the same process, letting me know her car had told her it was time to fill up the tires too. Ah, technology. I wonder who is really in charge here?

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Drive on!

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