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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Knowing You're Doing What You're Made For ... An Article of Faith

I spent over 6 years attending seminary part time, while working full time and helping raise a family. I was called by God into ministry and there were heavy costs associated with that proposition. I went into the process with eyes open, knowing the sacrifices ahead (if not exactly the magnitude ... amazing what you get used to), all in the attempt to prepare for servant ministry like Jesus', whose example we ministers are to follow.

Yesterday, I had the grace from God to know I was doing what God made me to do. I received an emergency call from a distressed family. They needed the help only a minister could readily provide (no details for the sake of their privacy). Could I come right away? I agreed. Ten minutes later, book of services at the ready, the suit jacket and tie I kept in the closet for just such emergencies in place, I arrived and served that family in their time of crisis. I gave them the comfort and support God had for them. I used what I had learned about being God's calming presence. God used me in the service of those who needed me in that moment. It was a joy to serve, a joy to know I was doing what I had trained long and hard for, a joy to know that I was doing what God had made me for.

I wish you all such moments of joy.


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