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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Muffins and Durable Yaris: The Five Minute Response

Sorry for the delays ... yesterday, my blogging time was taken up by yard work too long delayed and jungle deforestation activities.

Anyway, two small points in five minutes or less. I spend a lot of time in the car for work. The other night on the commute home I stopped in at a Dunkin Donuts for some snack to get me where I was going without listening to a rumbling stomach. Not a great idea, but so far so good. Then the bad idea happened. I didn't see a donut that just called to me. There were no apple fritters, my next go to. So, I went with a blueberry muffin. An okay choice, right? Wrong.

Muffins lose their structural integrity at about half way eaten and begin falling to pieces. This is made worse by the shifting of a manual transmission. I ended up with a lapful and seatful of muffin bits needing significant sweeping when I arrived home. Not a good choice for a driver.

After having my now crumb free Toyota Yaris inspected, I saw the mileage total. I keep it set to a trip miles rather than the total miles run for personal reasons. So I was astonished to see that my 2009 Yaris had over 84,000 miles on that odometer. It still runs like a top and has given me no significant trouble ... ever. This is without a doubt my favorite car, ever.

And that's the five minute response.

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