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Monday, June 16, 2014

Reports State Summer Blockbusters Dwindle After First Viewing

Movie reviewers have opined that the summer blockbusters just aren't what they used to be. There is an initial spike, sometimes quite profitable, followed by a serious dwindling away of interest almost immediately. Is it badly written material? Retread issues? Poorly done sequels??? The possibilities seem endless.

Let's look at something else. Something a little closer to home and more practical.

I love movies. I enjoy going to the theater to watch them ... even when clueless folk have to be politely reminded that their cell phone screen is creating light others around them can see. However, there is a significant problem that keeps me away more often than not. I'll illustrate the situation.

Not long ago, I was at the movies with my family and saw another dad there with three small children. The man had already forked over a significant sum to bring the kids out for a couple hours entertainment at most. But, I caught him walking away from the candy counter with boxed sets of goodies for each child. All three children were beaming and excited to head off to their show. Dad's face was a much different story. Slowly he put away his much thinner wallet and the look on his face was a shell shocked "I'm screwed" look I won't soon forget.

Yes, reviewers, there was a golden time when a really good blockbuster had fan guys and gals returning to the theater all summer long to see a favorite again and again. Those days are indeed done except among the highly monied set or single folks working good jobs with no family to feed. It just costs too much, especially if the movie is in 3-D or heaven forbid IMAX (I have to ask as I won't fork over the fee ... the IMAX screens I've seen in the past were impressive at least two story high monsters. I can't imaging the average theater with IMAX has installed such a system so what makes it IMAX now???). If you want to see the blockbuster make a comeback ... find a way to lower the fee. Otherwise, expect continued low attendance. Most films, especially the summer blockbusters, are films most of us can wait until they come out on a cheaper platform we can see at home ... with our own significantly less expensive popcorn and candy.

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