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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sloggin' Thru Blogging: Top Blog Post Topics

Here are the top ten blog topics right now for all you eager bloggers out there, according to WP Virtuoso

  1. Music: top of the charts!
  2. Fashion
  3. Car
  4. Real Estate
  5. Beauty
  6. Travel
  7. Design
  8. Food 
  9. Wedding 
  10. Movie
I've posted periodically on two of the top ten. The rest, well, I just don't care much about them. Topics of interest for me appear much farther down on this list, providing far fewer hits. That could explain a lot. 

However, Upworthy has a different spin on things more favorable to me, with the top three topics of highest importance for 2014: 

  1. Climate Change and Clean Energy
  2. Income Inequality and Poverty
  3. Human Rights
Now those are issues I can sink my blogger teeth into. 

Still, Search Engine Journal takes a different spin altogether. Their top nine popular posts include: 

  1. Blog Lists: Posts like this one of lists of things people are interested in are interesting to people! Huzzah, I got one right! 
  2. How-To Posts: Yeah, how to turn off that blasted "Maintenance Required" light on the Toyota Yaris is a big hit for me!
  3. Reviews & Recommendations: Restaurant, book, and movie have all worked for me.
  4. World Events
  5. Blogging Tips: Hmmm, maybe I'm just writing those wrong!?
  6. See What Top Blogs Are Writing About
  7. Link Roundups: Links to great blogs with terrific posts ... to see more on this subject, go to:
  8. Interviews
  9. Google Trends
To sum up, the posts that I've done that are popular fall into either Upworthy's or Search Engine Journal's lists. I'm almost entirely out of luck if you stick with WP Virtuoso.  

According to my blog's history, the best topics include, in order of popularity: 

  1. How-To Posts
  2. Space Flight
  3. Reviews & Recommendations 
  4. Flight (Flying the Goodyear Blimp)
  5. Guest Written Posts
  6. Politics
  7. Health
  8. History
  9. Careers
  10. Blogging Tips
What are your top ten, based on experience? 

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