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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Changing Rear Turn Signal Bulb on Chevy Uplander

Into each life a little change must fall. When your turn light indicator on your dash starts flashing frantically when you go to indicate your turn, and the message comes up that a specific bulb is out (thanks for that message Chevy, it is truly helpful), it is time to replace a bulb. Changing the rear turn signal, running, or reverse light on the Chevy Uplander is simplicity itself, IF and only IF you have the right tool. That tool is a fold up Torx key set. Get it now and return.

Ready? Okay, here's the process:

  1. Open your liftgate, exposing the taillamp housing. 
  2. Note that there are two deeply recessed screws in that mount along the inside edge.
  3. Take your Torx key set, using the smaller of the three largest keys, and loosen the screws. This may take some force as it is likely a pneumatic driver was used to tighten it before. 
  4. Gently remove the taillamp assembly. 
  5. The turn signal light is the center light. The top is your stoplamp/taillamp and the bottom is your back-up lamp bulb. 
  6. Note the bulb socket and wires. Gently turn the bulb socket counterclockwise to remove. 
  7. Replace the bulb by gently pulling the old bulb out of the socket and pushing the new bulb into place with equal care. 
  8. Reassemble by reversing this process. 
It really is a simple job if you have the right equipment. To learn to replace the other bulbs, see pages 5-46 - 5-49 of your manual. I've replaced both front and rear bulbs. It is not hard. Patience and the right tools are all that you need to have. 

Good luck. 

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