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Friday, August 1, 2014

Compelled by Old Fashioned Bowling Pin Shaped Signage

Every day on the way to work, I pass this sign. It tugs on my heartstrings. I'm not exactly sure why. Is it the nostalgia of a bowling pin shaped sign (I do like signs with unusual shapes) or is it the sport itself and memories of bowling alleys of yore where I spent happy hours with strikes and gutters? Perhaps it is the fact that this alley is closed all summer, which could be a bad sign or a hopeful sign that restoration work is happening inside.

I posted one of the sign pictures on Facebook. My brother and I ended up in a fascinating conversation. He's an artist. He loves signs with unusual shapes and buildings with odd shapes as well. He shared photos of restaurants shaped like flying saucers and ice cream parlors shaped like ice cream cones. It brought back a lot of memories of early signage ... like the old neon McDonald's sign with the walking hamburger headed man or the neon arrow sign for Holiday Inn. The best signs though seem to be like this simple bowling pin. Pretty direct and to the point with a little style to draw your eye.

So, when something draws your eye and you're not sure why, take a moment, take a picture, and share it. See what others have to say. You might discover the reason that sign or whatever it is calls to you is far deeper than you first imagine. You never know what you'll learn about someone else in the process.
Here's hoping the Frazer Lanes open again in the fall healthy
and ready for business once again.

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