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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cookbook for All Suffering on Tight Budget

I was extremely pleased to see an NPR news item on chef Leanne Brown, who wrote the cookbook Good and Cheap for all those who suffer from too little money and too much month, leaving them (47+ million) living on food stamps. This allows people with little to eat healthier for less. Best of all, free copies may be downloaded online at:

(Address revised since 2014: )

If you want a print copy to give to someone you know who is struggling, you can write to the author at the following email address:

To see the entire NPR piece, see:

It is wonderful to see someone using their talents to help "the least of these" to quote Jesus. I hope this cookbook will help you or someone you know. My experience in an inner suburb of a major city is that there is a lot more food insecurity in communities that seem to be doing just fine than you would think. Food pantries are struggling to keep up with increasing requests during difficult times. 

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