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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Facebook Silences?

The religious order "The Silence" from Doctor Who would appreciate the news about Facebook. Perhaps FB is a Silence project!!!!

I was startled to see in the paper that Facebook silences opinions. No, the FB organization does not eliminate opinions ... the users do. It seems that FB participants will not speak up on issues if they do not feel their FB friends will agree with them on that issue. They are more likely to participate in an ice bucket challenge than to take a stand on the riots and attacks in Ferguson or the Middle East.

It seems FB is silencing many for fear that the great "them" out there will not share their opinions, rejecting them. Well folks, there are too many important things going on in the world right now to remain silent on any of them. Screw your courage up a notch and take a stand ... but take it in the real world. Passing along a strong opinion on FB or Twitter is unlikely to get results. Getting a group together in the real world, speaking out, and acting in unison to be helpful to others or to the environment ... now there's something useful to do. Not to mention, it's fun.

Step away from the computer, log off of Facebook, and take a stand for good out there! Let the silence end.

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