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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Multimedia Poster of NASA's Vision of Spaceflight's Future

Art Courtesy of NASA
If you are a space geek like me, you'll want to explore this digital multimedia poster offered up at NASA. It explores NASA's vision for the future of spaceflight ... much of which I hope to live long enough to see. However, this vision requires cooperation from our politicians and from us, the taxpayers. Make sure your politicians know that you are an enthusiast and want to see the US have a future in space exploration. Do not allow us to make the mistakes we have in the past, developing amazing technology and then handing it off to others to run with because our vision was too limited. Let's not embarrass ourselves in that way again.

Art Courtesy of NASA
Anyway, enjoy the poster here:

For an update on progress with NASA's Orion crew capsule, see:

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