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Friday, August 22, 2014

Saying NO to Interviews by the Media's Offensive Opinion Makers

Watching the Little League World Series the other night, Mo'ne Davis made the most profound observation. When she is tired of interviews, autograph signing, and other hype, she just says no. She refuses the offers for yet another shot in front of the microphone or the camera. We could all learn from the wisdom of this 13 year old Philadelphian.

At the same time, I have been increasingly offended by the opinion makers of radio and television who have been saying the most incredibly stupid, blind-to-reality things in relation to the dire situation in Ferguson, Missouri, and around our country. Actually, I'm sick to death of the incredibly stupid and offensive things they have to say about just about everything. We all have to power to stop that. Like Ms. Davis, we too can say no to offers of interviews with such people. Interviews are a large part of their life's blood. We can drain that from them with a simple "no."

I highly recommend this tactic. I've been interviewed a few times myself. Most of the interviewers were wonderful professionals ... none of them the present day opinon mavens, but actual hard working journalists ... who asked responsible questions. There were a few who I regret having agreed to speak with, but not many. One found himself truly embarrassed (or so I hope) on the air when he brought up a topic we had agreed during a "pre-interview" (the only one of those I ever had) not to discuss as we had divergent views on the issue. I didn't bother to tell him why our views diverged during the pre-interview because I thought it was a dead issue. Well, then he tried to "gotcha moment" on the air live ... and I had to tell him flat out the reason we diverged was because he was dead wrong in his assumption ... and I explained why. We moved on.

So, if you are the sort who might be interviewed by such people, opinion makers at the ends of the political spectrum, just say no. Let's bring these folks back to some sort of decency. 

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