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Friday, August 29, 2014

Simple Kindness vs. Open Carry. The Five Minute Response

It's been a peculiar morning, news-wise. I started the day with a couple of beautiful short videos. In the first a scooter rider in the US pulls away from his group of like-minded riders. He had seen a blind, elderly man walking along the side of the road. Respectfully he informed the gentleman that there was a sidewalk along the sea wall just four feet to his left. The blind gentleman asked the rider if he could help him get there. The rider parked his scooter, led the gentleman to the sidewalk, informed him there was a handrail to his left and that he was facing the direction of town. The blind gentleman thanked him for his kindness. The exchange took less than two minutes and the scooter rider was once again on his way. The event was recorded on his Go-Pro camera attached to his helmet.

In the second video, a Russian couple stops on a deserted stretch of roadway. The road is compact earth. In the middle of the road something struggles, halfway out of the ground. It is a prarie dog that is caught, Winne the Pooh fashion, half way out of its burrow hole, which was probably compacted and made too small for the animal by passing traffic. Carefully (one must be careful with scared, wild creatures ... or any wild creatures), the couple used a blanket and gently lifted the stuck one from the burrow. It ran away to another burrow entrance. Again, this act of kindness took less than two minutes. It was captured by the camera mounted in Russian cars to be used in collision disputes and a personal hand video camera.

The third report was captured on the BBC via my radio. An American (sigh) was touting his children's book on the wonders of open carry gun laws in the US and how wonderful it is to tote your weapon openly for all to see. The juxtaposition was jarring. However, after watching these brief and easy acts of kindness, I wonder if we couldn't eliminate some people's perceived need to carry weapons with an escalation of brief acts of kindness in our world every day. Keep an eye out today and see what you might accomplish. I'll do the same. Shall we meet here again later and compare notes?

And that's the 5 minute response.

To witness the scooter rider's kindness, see:

To see the prairie dog rescue kindness, see:

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