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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Turning Off the Change Oil Soon Light on Chevy Uplander

You have changed the oil as requested by your Uplander's (not Highlander or Outlander ... but of which are somehow more memorable to me than Uplander) persistent "Change Oil Soon" message that appears when you turn on the car. You have been an obedient owner ... but your van is not convinced. The Change Oil Soon admonition continues to show up every time you start the car.

Here's how to reset that system and make the persistent nagging stop.

  1. It starts with finding your DIC (yes, that sounds very wrong, but it is true). That's the Driver Information Center, a cluster of three buttons located to the right of your steering wheel. Found it? Okay, let's begin.
  2. Sitting in your car's driver's seat, turn on the ignition to run but do not turn far enough to start the engine. Just turn it over far enough to bring up the electronics of the vehicle.
  3. Now, note the large button with the i in the center and the up and down arrows on either side. Push the up side of this button until Oil Life is displayed on your dashboard in the same place that irritating Change Oil Soon message appears. Note it will be reading 0% oil life. 
  4. Now for pure satisfaction. Push and hold the set/reset button (the center button with the crooked arrow) and hold it for five seconds. The number will disappear (the dread 0%) and be replaced with a blessed 100. 
This needs to be done every time you change the oil. It won't happen automatically and most places will not reset it for you. Anyway, why would you want to give someone else the satisfaction of making that nagging little message go away?

To find this information in your manual for yourself, see page 5-17.

Personal confession: Why, you ask reasonably, are you providing us with maintenance mysteries now for this older model car? Really, I'm doing it for myself. I keep forgetting how to make this change and need a quick reference for it. I really don't expect huge numbers of readers to by dying for this information out there, really. 

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