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Thursday, September 11, 2014

9/11 Anniversary: Cry Peace and Unleash the Dogs of Stewardship

With all that is currently going on in the world, on this anniversary of the 9/11 attack, let us turn our efforts to peace and stewardship of our resources, our planet, and each other. In an age of once again escalating violence, let us speak up and act for peace with our neighbors. Let us each do our small part to make our corner of the globe a better place. Let us encourage our leaders everywhere to work for the same goal. In the US, let us call those leaders to be good stewards of the children place in their hands by way of the all volunteer military. Let us not allow leaders to declare and maintain endless war based on the fact that most of the population will not be directly impacted by such warfare. Their children will not be placed in harm's way. This is wrong.

What good will speaking out do? Look back to the history of the American Civil Rights movement and the freeing of India from British rule under Gandi. There is great power there. There are many other examples to choose from as well, both secular and sacred. May these histories and texts give us courage.

We must support this day the efforts in Africa to fight the Ebola virus ravaging populations there. Many good people are sick and dying. We need to help them. Do we need to deploy buckets of ice water?

Let us work this day and always for the mitigation of climate change in all its horrific forms. If we allow this human produced sickness to continue, we may be the authors of the end of civilization. See:

For a previous 9/11 reflection, see:
That's enough for one day of remembrance. Let's make it a good one. Peace to you all.

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