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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Colleges and Universities: DO BETTER by Your Students!

If we don't the whole system comes down
like tumbling blocks.
This morning my blood was boiling by the time I finished with NPR's report on post-doc students working for professors. Here were hopeful young adults who had spent many years and small fortunes getting to the very pinnacle of academia, the doctorate degree (well, the lower pinnacle below, far below, tenured work in an institution of higher education), and were now working in what are proving to be dead end jobs for far less than they should be making. I suppose some would respond, "At least they are working in their field." Well, sort of, kind of, but it is not at all what they were promised, what they were told they could expect.

This is one of a long history of lamentable false promises made on the road to higher education and great debt. Back in the day, science and social science majors were told to go ahead and get those advanced degrees. In five years, the old heads in the field will be retiring and you'll be ready for the opening positions. Hopeful students followed that advice ... and fifteen years later that promise had yet to be fulfilled. Poor, hopeful, perhaps naive students.

Well, the hard-eyed cynic will say, that's the marketplace for you. After all, colleges and universities are there to run students through the mill and give them degrees. That's what they do. Caveat emptor, y'all.

I say, ... well, let's keep it civil and leave it at NONSENSE! For the price paid, higher education needs to be honest about the chances. For the prices paid, the family sacrifices made, the highest paid institutions should provide job guarantees in the field to their students! No fussing, no excuses ... you all profess to be smart people, well educated, so put your heads together and devise systems worthy of your institutional names.

I don't care about the details. I don't care about the hurdles. Administrators and legislators dealing with higher education, YOU MUST do better. The students deserve it. No economy can continue forever on false promises. No society can afford to waste brainpower the way this system is wasting it now. Any society that does will be doomed to extinction. DO BETTER!

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