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Monday, September 8, 2014

Writer's Corner: Virtue of Writing Antiques and Collectibles Books

I began working life as a historical archaeologist. That career morphed into writing and editing books on antiques and collectibles, which isn't such a stretch as both deal with artifact analysis.

The great virtue of writing antiques and collectibles books is preserving a record of some truly amazing collections. It was my privilege to be able to go to the homes and shops of really amazing collectors and see their works of a lifetime. I got to hear from them personally why these objects meant so much to them. I heard some great stories of finding really rare items and of the comrades met along the way at sales and auctions. But truly the best part was making a record of part of the collections they had created. In the case of a book on canes and walking sticks written years ago, I now know that every single collection in the book is now dispersed among other people. Those years worth of work and passion no longer exist outside of the pages of my book ... and a few auction catalogs from their final sale.

For someone with an archaeological background, there is great appeal in that. Capturing a moment in time, a collection amassed based on the tastes and talents of particular individuals, was special. The books record those achievements and the names of the individuals (when they wished their names included) who had managed to amass sizable, impressive, and unique collections of objects of great variety.

That is one of the joys of the writing life in one very special niche market. What writing joys do you encounter in your work? I'd like to know.

Good writing to you!

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