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Monday, October 20, 2014

Top 10 Most Annoying ...

I've been away a while now. My new career limits my time significantly. Sometimes, that's annoying. Speaking of annoying, here are links to a wide variety of the top ten most annoying things. What would you add to the list???

Top 10 Annoying Phrases:

Top 10 Annoying Facebook Tactics:

Top 10 Annoying Things About Plane Travel:

Top 10 Most Annoying Online Gamers:

Top 10 Annoying Homeschool Questions:

Most Annoying Academic CV Errors (only 7, what are you going to do???):

Most Annoying Travel-bragging Facebook Posts:

Top 100 Annoying Job Interview Questions:


Top Most Annoying Email Habits:

WOW! We have a whole lot to be annoyed about! This is just a sample! Some of the annoyances were way too specific and ... well, weird ... for inclusion here. Still, what is annoying YOU these days???

Bonus round: Most Annoying People on the Internet:

For me, personally, the most annoying of the annoying is the online troll who comments on posts and videos he/she has not read and/or does not have the education to understand. Without appropriate knowledge and lacking any sort of hubris or filter, he/she plunges ahead with canned challenges and questions that aren't truly questions but are designed solely to belittle and/or prove his/her superiority. Because of such folks, and my time restrictions, I have cancelled peoples' abilities to comment on my Google+ sites, particularly the one for my church blog. It's a shame, but necessary. Wow, how that annoys me!

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