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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Holding Political Feet to Fire

The elections are over and went as the pundits expected. I'm tempted to lean toward a particular explanation dealing with inept decisions on exclusions of vital information from school books and the inaccessibility of higher education to most ... but I won't. (See:

It's done, it's over, and we have to live with the results. It does not mean we have to accept what is to come quietly ... NOT ... AT ... ALL! There were all sorts of wonderful noises from the pols in the glow of post election satisfaction that bipartisan cooperation would be in the works, provided the other side did their part. Pretty noises those were, but if you've been around any length of time at all, you don't believe them. Sure enough, the House and Senate are back in the nation's capitol and ... nothing but partisan bickering all over again.

Come on folks, these guys and gals are paid far too well to let this happen time and again. The world situation is far too dire to sit on the sidelines rooting for your "team," whatever that might be. We have to act. We have to hold political feet to fires and make these overpaid blowhards work for the people as intended. Write letters, send emails, call ... this is after all the age of electronic communication. Join groups that agree with your positions and sign the petitions they send in so that your name has the backing of many other names (okay, make sure they are legit groups with strong standings and not some loony fringe folks back by some uber rich out of the loop haters of humanity). Research the issues that drive your passions (that is very easily done today with computer technology ... and if you don't own any, head off to the libraries that do and check out the newspapers and magazines kept there. Ask the staff at the research desk for help and learn.) Knowledge will always be power. Don't hope that you're hearing what's right from pundits and opinion makers on your favorite cable networks because they are shoveling crap and raking in money as fast as they can to feed their most rabid, avid groupies. 

It may end up taking some old fashioned peaceful demonstrations to get the job done. Petitions will need to be drafted and signed. Editorials written and published. Blog posts created and shared. It won't be easy but nothing worth doing is. Let's make a difference this time and stop the new and old pols in D.C. and the states from being overly well paid to ride the same hobby horses around for the entertainment of each other and their most loyal supporters. The world, the suffering marginalized peoples, the peoples in war torn countries, the men and women in our volunteer armed forces, and many more all need our help and it is long past time we responded. 

For one example of suffering souls in our own society who need more and better action from our pols and us all, see:

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