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Monday, November 17, 2014

My Family Will NOT Shop on Thanksgiving

In an age where consumerism is king, my family will not participate in the new drag store employees away from families on Thanksgiving day to work to feed consumerism and materialism trend. I know times are tough merchants. I understand. But there are certain principles that should not be violated, certain standards of conduct that should be maintained. I'll be keeping an eye (via Google and news outlets) on which retailers are naughty and nice. I'll spend my money in stores that respect their employees and those employee's families on that day. How about you?

For more, see:

To join an online organization promoting staying away from businesses on Thanksgiving day, see:

To sign an online petition from to Target to reverse their decision and remain closed on Thanksgiving day, see:

We do have a voice and the power of the purse strings and wallets. We may not make changes on the macro scale (or not easily), but each of us can choose how we will approach the holiday season for ourselves.

As for me, no discounts are worth a loss of scruples in how we treat others--not now, not ever.

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