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Friday, February 20, 2015

Surviving Extreme Cold Weather

It is going to be miserable today ... and it will be miserable again soon. More extreme weather is in our future ... but that's another story. If you can't stay in during Arctic blasts, keeping the heat on, the food well stocked, and the faucets gently dripping to avoid frozen pipes, here's what you need to do to venture out into your very own version of the tundra.

Cover as much exposed skin as possible. Ralphie and Randy's Mom in A Christmas Story wasn't far off. Wear layers of loose fitting clothes, with a layer at the base that wicks perspiration away from the body. Replace gloves with mittens as they are warmer. Hand and foot warmers are a very good idea. Goggles will keep your eyeballs happy and eyelashes unfrozen. Lip balm helps. Metal facial jewelry is a no-no and caffeine and alcohol should be avoided.

Keep the car well stocked in case of emergency during these frigid weather events as well. Stay safe.

For more, see: and

Good luck. Stay warm.

Also, find your local organization that provides shelter on an emergency basis for the homeless and enter it into your cell phone. Call if you see someone in distress. You may save a life.

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