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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Resolution That Is Working: Living Comments Free!

Back when 2014 rolled over to 2015, I was reading a well written, well researched article from one of the groups I follow on Facebook. It was heady stuff and well worth the time. However, then I kept reading into the comments below. It was like a hard slap in the face. Heady, well reasoned, articulate writing was replaced with ludicrous rants, off topic comments, and ridiculous stereotyping by one angry person after another. It was an awful transition.

At that moment I made my New Year's resolution. I would not read (and never respond) to comments beneath online articles for an entire year. The peace of mind that has followed has been well worth my resolve. I have since seen articles about how useless it is to get caught up in responding in the land of trolls that is the comments section, which reinforces my resolve.

I hope you find something that gives you peace this year. 

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