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Monday, May 18, 2015

1941 Cadillac Sightings

On Friday and Saturday, I saw two examples of a car I had never seen before. It had the long body, high fenders, and rounded edges of 1940s design. It was distinctive and when I saw it the first day, what caught my eye most was an oval emblem on the front hood. It appeared to be raised wings with something in the center but I was too far away to make out that detail. The example I saw was a hard top.

The next day, my family was out on business and diverted to a car show for a few minutes. Behold, there was the same emblem on a large, streamlined convertible. It turned out to be a rare 1941 Cadillac. Speaking to the owner, I discovered only 400 were made (given the year, I'm not surprised) and that sighting these rolling rarities was not at all common. I felt fortunate to make my discovery and be able to identify what had been a mystery car to me, all in 24 hours.

Here it is ...
Photo courtesy of Madeline Snyder

Photo courtesy of Madeline Snyder

Photo courtesy of Madeline Snyder

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