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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Apologies from Me and Space News ...

I'm apologizing for being gone more than I am here these days. The new career is heating up, is full of engaging challenges and new techniques to learn. I'll write about that from time to time. Thank you for all who read me when I do make an appearance.

In space news, one of my favorite topics, two items: 1) The Dragon took more equipment to the ISS and the Falcon 9 came so close to landing on that floating deck! 2) The Dragon crew module test bed just made a wonderful test launch of the emergency escape system built into the module.

On item 1) I was able to watch the launch and landing attempt. It was wonderful to hear the status coming back on both the advancing Dragon and descending first stage. However, Space X team in your command center, you may want to watch your body language. I knew the landing attempt had failed long before you announced it. First, we stopped receiving reports about the Falcon 9, a Space X habit when things don't go according to plan (I'm not criticizing here, just noting). Then one controller slammed his hands down on his console. This was followed by him and two others rocking back hard in their chairs like they'd been slapped. Two of them grabbed their heads. It was pretty clear the Falcon 9 came heartbreakingly close to success. That time will come, I'm sure.

On item 2) congratulations on this test of the abort system off the pad in Florida. I look forward to hearing that all that looked like it went so well actually did. I can't wait to see a fully operational (why do I always hear Emperor Palpatine when I say that?) crewed Dragon, Boeing, and Orion lifting astronauts to space (LEO and far beyond) in the near future.

Keep up the good work guys.

Thank you readers for continuing to stop by. I'll try to have more to say soon.

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