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Monday, May 11, 2015

When Holidays Hurt

Mother's Day this year was not a pleasant experience for me. I lost my Mom a few years back and I have been extremely busy since. I have a new career in ministry I wish she had lived to see that career begin. I'm thankful she saw my graduation from seminary. I have been busy enough I suspect I have not addressed grieving as completely as I might have along the way. That caught up to me today.

It is an isolating feeling to be less than celebratory on a recognized holiday. It is frustrating. The nerves are left raw. So, today I reach out to all those who suffer through one holiday or another. You are not alone in your grief. Others are going through similar trials. While this is an isolating time, do not allow it to give you the poisonous illusions that either you do this alone or that you are wrong to be suffering at all. Neither is true. One individual I know posted today that he felt withdrawn and was still missing his mom 40 years after her passing.

We're out there with you. We are your fellow sufferers, whether you are suffering the loss of a mom, you had a mom who hurt or abandoned you, or you were never able to be the mom you wanted to be yourself. We may not speak out much, but know we are there with you. I hope that will be some comfort to you.

Wishing everyone who suffers on one holiday or another a measure of peace. I stand with you in your pain. Let's stand together and look toward tomorrow, toward a better day to come. Never give up and never give in to these damaging, isolating feelings. Finally, never abandon some good project or some good person during these blue times that you undertook (project) or befriended (person) when you were happier. You don't want to compound these complicated feelings with that sort of mistake.

Oh, by the way, one last thing ... if a difficult day such as today has left you feeling like hurting yourself in any way, talk to someone who can help immediately. You are a person of worth, you are a person loved, you are a person who needs to live on. Call someone now and get help. 

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