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Monday, June 22, 2015

Join a Cause, Make a Difference

Since the horrific murders of Emanuel AME Church members in Charleston, South Carolina, by a racist filled to overflowing with hateful rhetoric and ideals, I have seen over and over again two trains of thought running head on along the same track as if Gomez Addams were running both engines. The one train is calling for social action and social justice of long term and abominable evils like racism and gun violence in this country. The other engine (overheated and hurtling at insane speed) is called distracting hot button issues express that bear little relevance on the issues at hand.

If you would rather do something positive than sit around and shriek over the train wreck, here are some sites with organizations you can check out and through which you can get involved.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. If we all selected an organization suited to our passions and got busy, we could make an amazing difference. We won't get it done by sharing articles and likes on Facebook or other social media. We won't get it done by trolling those who annoy us. We will definitely not get anything positive done if we allow the loud and bigoted voices to distract us from the real issues at hand.

Let's all get busy. And, each and every day, ask yourself what you can do in any small way to make life better for someone in that moment. You have no idea how powerful a small gesture might be. People who watch the Golden Gate Bridge for attempted suicides say many notes have been left behind by successful suicide victims that said if anyone smiles at me or treats me nicely before I get to the bridge, I will not jump. A very small action could make a huge difference for someone who is hurting.

For a sermon that inspires us to do the same, see:  ... there's a whole worldview involved.

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