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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Let's Have More Heroes and Heroines

Lately on social media, folks with an ax to grind have been grumbling, fussing, fuming in classic "Hey, kid, get off my lawn" fashion over someone who some have called a hero or heroine compared to this individual's idea of a "real" hero or heroine (usually a service person or firefighter). I have to say, I did not realize that the nouns "hero" and "heroine" were in such short supply they needed to be rationed. Then came the balm of Fred Rogers (of PBS's Mr. Rogers fame) definition. Mr. Rogers defined real heroes as, “Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me. ”
Fred Rogers (follow the link for more)

I propose that we broaden the definitions of hero and heroine rather than attempting to restrict them based on some political or moral ideology. Let's instead broaden the definition to include all sorts of people of good will who make life better in some way. Let's include all those who give others courage to stand up or speak out or do good in this world of ours. Let's applaud all who extend love, hope, compassion, assistance, etc. in this life.

I would love to see a world in which there are millions, no, billions, of heroes and heroines inspiring billions of others. What a wonderful world it would be if this planet were filled to overflowing with heroes and heroines, seven billion strong, all working together, shouldering our collective burden and making daily life for all that much better. In such a heroic place, evil would find no quarter. It would shrivel and die in the face of such overwhelming courage and daring. It is a dream I have. No doubt the surly skeptics--who are trying to truncate "hero" and "heroine," limiting those nouns to a few appointed only by themselves--will be searching for images and pithy phrases to attempt to shatter this dream, but I stand against their skepticism. I stand today for courage and daring. I stand today for achievement and love and broadened horizons.

Come fellow heroes and heroines, you are being called by a hurting world. Stand tall, make a difference, change a life in some small way, and inspire some witness you may never know was watching. Up, up, and away!!!

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