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Monday, November 2, 2015

Our Superpower

When you were a kid, did you wish you had superpowers? Yeah, me too. I thought if I had real superpowers I could make a difference in this world of ours (after spending a lot of time flying and busting through walls just for the heck of it ... I was a kid after all). Turns out we are all gifted with one superpower, a superpower that actually is a life or death power over others. It is called ... love.

Sure, roll your eyes now. You knew it had to be something lame like this, right? But, I tell you it IS a superpower. You only think it is not because we have all been gifted with it (every normal human that is, yeah there are a few dangerous and sad illnesses that prevent this superpower from taking hold). Babies will not thrive unless someone bestows love upon them. Our domesticated pets crave love from us. We have written more books, songs, and poems about the superpower of love than any other thing in the whole wide world.

Using this superpower to love others, we change the world in small ways. Did you know that notes have been left behind by suicide victims (people suffering from the terminal effect of a dread disease, that's suicide) who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge that said if just one person will smile at me or say a kind word to me (offer me just a little love in other words), I will not jump. That's the life or death power of love. It's real.

I recently watched an old video of one of my very favorite preachers, the Reverend Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood fame speak on the power of love when receiving an award later in his life for his work on TV. He said each and every person involved in the television industry had a responsibility to promote the sanctity of life, the worth of every person, so that all who watched might be convinced that they are a person of worth, that their life makes a difference, and that they can improve the lives of others. Promoting an idea that life is cheap is wrong and must end. That was powerful preaching from someone who knew the power of love. During this show, Mr. Rogers would tell the children who watched that he loved them. When asked why, he said he knew that for some it would be the only time that day they heard a person tell them they were loved. That's how important love was to Fred Rogers.

I've used this superpower to diffuse tension. Try this: while waiting in line at the cashier, if things begin to get tense, find some reason to smile and maybe strike up a friendly conversation with the person next to you. Watch the tensions begin to diminish as the people around you react to your warm and relaxed attitude. It's powerful. Be kind to others, offer a helping hand, and listen more than speaking (others need to be heard, sometimes desperately). Use you superpower for good. Help change the world around you in small ways. You never know where that will lead you. You never know when your warm smile, friendly wave, or gentle greeting might just save a life.

Let me know how it works out for you. Yes you, who are a person of worth, a person loved. Have a blessed day. 

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