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Friday, December 25, 2015

Spreading Holiday Cheer Can Be Easy!

Last night we had to make one quick Christmas Eve trip to the grocery store. My wife got a grocery cart only because one of the store staff helped her pry apart the last two carts (haven't experienced the grocery that chock full o' shoppers before). At the end of our trip, holiday confections in hand, I took the cart back to the rack, which was a good three or so rows away from where we had to park. I just can't leave a cart stranded out there among the parking spaces for somebody else to recover. As I approached the totally empty shopping cart corral, I very tall, older employee took the shopping cart from me with actual gratitude. He said, "Thank you. We really need these. I know it's not your job, but do you know if there are ANY available in the store right now?" I think there were none actually and admitted that. The shopping cart I had returned started back toward the store, but the employee gave it away to an approaching shopper before ever making it back inside. Returning a shopping cart brought about a little good cheer. Who would have thought.

Wishing you all peace, love, joy, and hope for the holidays. Hoping you'll find simple ways to spread all that around this season.

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