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Friday, January 1, 2016

Enjoying Beauty Wherever It May Be Found

Or in this case, whenever. Our dog, Daisy, the beagle, is now a venerable 15 years old. As such, she often needs to go out at earlier hours than we would like. While visiting family in the mountains, she and I needed to make a 3 in the morning trip outside. There I saw the lights of the city twinkling in the valley below us. It was a beautiful site that without Daisy's aging bladder and the right frame of mind I would have missed or never appreciated.

I wonder how often, wrapped up in the minutia of our lives, our schedules, and our emotions, we miss the beauty of the world around us, both natural and human-created? I'm trying to spend a little more time in appreciation of all that is around me, whenever I can. Hoping 2016 will be full of beautiful moments for you. 

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