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Friday, January 1, 2016

Filet of Soul Restaurant in Downingtown, PA,--a Treasure

If you are anywhere near Downingtown, Pennsylvania, you need to stop by Filet of Soul, a self-described Caribbean/Soul Food restaurant. Be aware, you'll need some time. While the setting is relaxed, this is not fast food. It is cooked with great care and love. It should be lingered over with the same attention and affection.

You'll find this gem at 3911 W. Lincoln Highway, Downingtown, PA, and you can call 484-364-4705 if need be. Food can be eaten at the restaurant or taken home. If you choose to dine at the restaurant, take time to enjoy the colorful artwork lining the walls. Most has been done by local children supervised by a successful local artist.

Of course, you want to know about the food, which is the star of the show. I had the barbeque ribs (did I not yet mention they serve delicious barbeque ... silly me) with sides of collard greens and Southern sweet baked beans. Our son had the Southern fried chicken with red velvet waffles. My wife enjoyed the spicy Caribbean chicken. We all had sides that were wonderful and the entrees were fantastic, one and all. You know the food is good when after a single bite, you're asking each of your fellow diners if they want a taste (we all did and all three dishes were superb). The chicken pieces were also absolutely huge (mighty chickens they were indeed) and I could not have asked for meatier, nor more tender, ribs.

The three of us left completely satisfied, having spent less than $55 (minus tip). One take home box was required.

That is enough right there to bring you in for sure. However, I had the privilege to speak with the owners (luckily for us New Year's Eve was a slow night there ... we were brought in by a flight delay for our son's return home and that turned out well for us). I can recommend Terry and Lisa, the husband and wife team of hands-on proprietors, even further for their big hearts and love of community. Both are Christians who live out the Word daily. Not only do Tracy and Lisa create and serve wonderful food in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, they also work with at risk children, offer up a women's Bible study on Sundays, and are looking to feed low income elders soon. As a pastor myself, I was quite pleased with the HOPE candles and the soft gospel music in the background. Lisa was wearing a tee-shirt with a single word across the front in all caps "SERVE." It summed up well what drives both Tracy and Lisa in all that they do.

If you wish to learn more about Filet of Soul, see their website at: You will not regret it. 

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