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Saturday, January 2, 2016

LED Flashlight for Wolf Spider Safari

Equipped only with an LED headlamp (straps to forehead) or a flashlight, you are ready for a backyard safari. Put the lamp on your head or the flashlight up at eye height and aim it out into the yard. Look toward the edge of the light. Scan the lamp very slowly across the yard. Little green emerald glints will shine back at you. Move in carefully for a close inspection. Following that green glint in you'll have a close encounter with a mighty hunter of the insect world, the wolf spider. The emerald green glow is the predator's eye reflecting that LED light back at you. If you are patient, you'll soon find your yard is well populated with these sedentary, patient predators. They wait silently, motionlessly beside their holes for prey insects to wander into their range.
Reflective eyes

Note that when you approach, these spiders do not run from you. They are hunting. You are not prey. You are not important. This is serious business. Once you've spotted them, leave them to their business and find the next predator.

My brother and his family clued me into this activity. The neighbors have gotten used to them ranging through the neighborhood, checking fields and yards for the glint of not only wolf spiders, but also other nocturnal creatures hidden beneath logs and in small garden walls. The night is full of life if you know how to look for it. Happy safari ... and take only memories or photos. Leave the creatures to live out their lives and their own dramas. Enjoy.

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