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Friday, January 1, 2016

Thinking About the New Year Ahead

Happy New Year to you all. I deeply hope that 2016 will have more positive than negative experiences in store for us all.

Heading for family on Christmas afternoon, we drove down a beautiful mountain valley between two soft and ancient ridges. The mountains were largely obscured by rising fog. Our surroundings came and went in a dream-like manner. It was very quiet in that soft landscape and it seemed to reflect life as we so often live it. We know the general outline of what lies ahead, we are fairly certain of what lies around us, and we remember where we have come from. However, we are not entirely clear on the details, nor can we ever be with certainty. We move forward in faith, believing the road will continue to appear uninterrupted out of the mist and that other drivers will be taking as much care as we are as we move forward, eager to avoid accidents along the way. Faith keeps us moving when our senses find details lacking. Family (I was traveling with my whole nuclear family, which was a real blessing and treat) gives us the strength, support, and boldness to keep moving on if we are lucky. Our community and society helps with the heavy lifting needed to keep the road safely intact. Together we move forward through the fog of life. Together we make the journey far sweeter than it would be alone.

Wishing you all the best in this new year, whatever may come.

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