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Saturday, March 26, 2016

New Term for Misinformation: Play With It!

Dig a little deeper and discover
the truth. Don't be duped by
Stanford University science historian Robert Proctor has created a new word for us to play with. It is agnotology. Agnotology is defined as the deliberate dissemination of misinformation. It is often used to sell something. Proctor listed examples from the old bogus tobacco industry efforts to cast doubt on scientific studies stating smoking causes cancer. It is also frequently used by politicians, climate change deniers, and the radicalized fringes of religious and non-religious belief groups.

Proctor states that we live in a world of radical ignorance, but believes that truth can cut through all the noise. I like to think that is the case and am willing to commit to a long term experiment in truth telling to see if that is so. Who would like to conduct this experiment along with me. After all, in an election year, we are up to our eyeballs in agnotology. If we wish to study this phenomenon in order to better counter it, does that make us agnotologists???

Thanks to the magazine Christian Century, March 16, 2016, which made this information available. 

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