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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

North Carolina's Power Grab Rushed Law HB2

The white power elite of North Carolina has shown just how uneasy they are with the rise of peoples unlike themselves. The HB2 bill they rushed through the legislature disallows transgendered people from using public toilet facilities most appropriate for them, along with other sexual minorities. The based their argument on an old 1890s white supremacist argument that black men would ravish white women if white men did not rise up against them. Nauseating in any age. The second part of the law denied statewide the new $15 an hour minimum wage, an unadulterated power grab by the central government over the local municipalities. This is a great way to keep other minorities down. This kind of nasty, primitive, racist thinking must not be part of the modern world, not even in modern politics.

For more on this issues see the article by Red Letter Christians:

Kroger came up with a sensible, rational, adult alternative to the North Carolina legislature's approach. In their stores there are sex neutral restrooms available for all their patrons: Dads with young daughters, mothers with young sons, families bringing senile elders with them who also cannot use restrooms unattended, and the LGBTQ community. Now wouldn't that be simpler North Carolina, than claiming your racist, power grabbing bill was for the safety of women (white women no doubt) against sexual predators?

Taking this further, many white people feeling that their way of life is threatened today, are rallying behind a strong man who is willing to use violent means to get his way. Donald J. Trump has brought many frustrated white people who have been left behind in a continuous recession that has never abated (other races in similar circumstances might be able to sympathize if they weren't so actively hated by this overwrought group), many without any wage increases in up to 15 years. Ironically, these people where ignored by the party they hoped would represent them. Since they were not a moneyed class their issues were of no interest however. Now that they have been organized into a series of angry mobs at rallies for Mr. Trump, they are getting noticed for the first time ... and they like it. It is bringing out the worst in people, just like the bill in North Carolina.

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