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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Two Days Without a Modem

You wouldn't think two days was a long time. But when the modem at home dies and you are without Internet access, you find you can miss out on a lot. With a potential snowfall tomorrow, I needed one fast to keep up with work and keep in touch with the people I work with. It is amazing how connected we have become, and how dependent on those connections we are now. I see the smart appliances coming on the market that will connect our whole homes for us. I can only imagine how dumb and "unhomey" those places will feel when the online connections stop.

I first felt the sting of the digital age when working in a business that had grown increasingly dependent on computers and digital images. Where once we had worked with slides and prints, text on the page. After we'd gone digital, it was really brought home during a power failure. Prior to digital photography, there had always been slides or prints to sort, as long as there was daylight. Not after it was all in memory. Then you really felt the sting when the power went out. There was suddenly, quite literally nothing to do in your department.

So, I'm glad to be back up, with a faster connection, and in touch with so much of the world once again. Amazing how much less interesting all our most clever devices become when all of the sudden they can't reach out to the world beyond your very own walls. Enjoy your connected day. 

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