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Monday, March 14, 2016

Which Good Old Days, Donald?

Donald Trump promises to "Make America Great Again." So, I must ask, just when was this period of American greatness that somehow has been lost, Mr. Trump? Given your most ardent supporters are angry white folks of lower income and poor education (the same sort of folks around the world who are swinging to authoritarian strongmen around the world), I'm guessing it was some age of white male dominance. Let's take a look back shall we?

Was this great age the time before women had the right to vote, Donald?
Was it the time when a group of whites could don sheets and lynch black people with impunity?
Was it the time when there were no child labor laws and children were maimed or killed in factories and coal mines?
Was it the age before unions, Mr. Trump, when rich people like you could run roughshod over workers with no concern whatsoever ... hmmm, probably not that as that age seems to have largely returned.
Was it the time when the nation was split in two and spilling blood in horrifying abundance during the American Civil War?
Was it the hundreds of years of slavery, when African men, women, and children were treated like property and brutalized, all because white indentured servants escaped too easily?
Was it the age when we as immigrants drove native peoples from their lands by force?
Which age was it where you and your furious followers feel comfortable?

America has greatness running through it that remains, Mr. Trump. When Americans stand together and work for the betterment of their nation and the world, America is great. When we try to make reparations for the terrible things we've done in the past, we are great. When we change for the better, for inclusion, for equality for all people as is so boldly written into our Constitution, then we are great. When we reach out to suffering peoples worldwide, offering aid and refuge, we are great. When we welcome people of all religions and no religion with open arms, we are great. When we create amazing devices together that help us explore our universe peacefully, both in outer space and inner space, we are great. When we pool our resources to rescue the victims of disasters natural and human-made, we are great. When we strive for peace, justice, and mercy, we are great. When we treat all our neighbors as we would ourselves, with mutual respect and love, we are great. When we seek to end hunger, end division, end injustice and inequality, when we stand for the rights of minorities and decry injustice and violence in all its forms WE . ARE . GREAT!

I have heard nothing great in anything you have proposed so far, Mr. Trump. In fact, your violent rhetoric, your disparaging of decency, calling civility "political correctness," your abject refusal to listen to the views of others, your ability to bring out the worst in people, your desire to have Mexico pay for the hideous abomination of a wall to our southern border ... all of this is a vision of an America that is far from great. In fact, it it a horror, a nightmare from the past that should be dead and buried forever. But, in this age of walking dead theme movies and TV shows, it is no surprise that the shambling horror of fascism should come groaning up out of the grave to try and eat the brains out of civilized nations around the world. Stop being fascism's front man in the U.S., Mr. Trump.

I have no desire to return to any of the good old days you envision. Not in this lifetime.

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