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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Reading: Defense Against Alternative Facts

Forty-two percent of American college grads never read another book. Thirty-three percent of U.S. high school grads refuse to read books ever again.

In the age of "alternative facts" this is a dangerous trend. Giving your brain over to the commentators (who do read, but highly skewed material) is not healthy. Remember, those who seek to entertain or misdirect are interested in high ratings and/or have an agenda this is not very often healthy to large groups of Americans. Consider reading your very own "defense against the dark arts," to quote J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter series of books.

If it's been a long time, you might want to start with some fiction. Then move on to non-fiction, particularly books that will help navigate the contentious political/social world we live in. Head off to a library and ask a reference librarian what he/she would recommend on any given subject. You will not be judged for this. Librarians are there to help and will be glad to send you in a good direction.

Equipped with facts, real facts, facts that may make you uncomfortable (remember the "fake news" stokes your own bias and builds up your "righteous indignation" and confirms your bias), facts that might even change your perspective on some subject or other. That's healthy. That's good. That may save lives.

Good luck. Wishing you years of healthy exploration through books.

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