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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Collectible History: iBook Clamshell Still Works in 2017

Introduced in 1999, produced through May of 2001, this iBook Clamshell proves more durable than I imagined. It would take a telephone line and modem to connect it with the internet (what part of it could be handled) and the built in mouse has given up the ghost, but it still runs. This particular iBook was last used in 2011, but was retired when the hard drive started to groan with exhaustion at the end of an 8 hour summer course.

This is an experiment to see if little videos are within the scope of possibility here. The video was shot with a camera that is a bit of history itself, the Kodak Play Sport. The depth of focus is limited. My lack of a tripod at home (mine is at the office) made keeping in focus challenging, as you will see. I tried to keep things short to avoid boredom. I hope it worked. In the end, I think I did this video mostly for the student in his 20s who turned to me before a class began, pointed to the old clamshell and said (with feeling) "That's beautiful, man!" Turns out, after I retired the iBook I discovered I was known throughout the seminary for using this old and standout piece of computer technology. When I retired it, for at least a week, people asked me how it was doing as if it were a person out sick. Such is the power of a well designed and much loved piece of technology.

Final note: I have taken far newer failed computers to be recycled within the last few weeks.

A couple things I didn't film:
Remember the built in carrying handle? This was back before it was
decided all laptops should be carried in cases, I guess.
Imagine banging this against a railing as you went past.
How about this colorful little ring that turned
orange when the battery was charging and
green when it was complete?

If you'd like to see more videos like this, let me know.

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