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The Book That Was: Fondly Remembered

This was my one foray into children's fiction. This book worked remarkably well in quelling one child's fear of becoming the older brother. Sadly, it did not do the same for many others. Still, I wrote it, my father illustrated it, and I have seen it in print. Those are blessings for this writer. Here's a little something about the book that was:

Michael and the New Baby addresses several issues all children have when faced with the arrival of a new little brother or sister. Will there be enough love to go around? Do I have to share ... after all the baby already got my old baby toys? Are the fighting siblings on all those cartoon shows real? Does the TV always tell the truth? Am I the only one going through this?! These are a few of the issues addressed in this book, all in an adventurous way and illustrated in a wonderful, lively cartoon style.

The book blurb reads (if you didn't see the side panel -- if you did, skip down to the next paragraph):

There's a new addition to the family and Michael is none too pleased. His transformation into Mr. Grumpy doesn't make things any easier. In fact, Michael has become so grumpy that the Stinky Roos decide he would make a great addition to their island where everyone is grumpy. Michael takes a dreamy journey to Stinky Roo Island where he begins to see things from a different perspective. This new outlook is all Michael needs to realize how wonderful his home is and perhaps even better with a new little sister in his life. This book is a wonderful tool for parents who may have children struggling to adapt to a new younger sibling.

Okay, now parents, just between us, I want to assure you that the parents in this book are not depicted as dimwits, as happens in children's books from time to time. I've also put enough narrative and humor into the text to keep you from nodding off on the first read through. Hope you and your children like it ... and I hope it makes life just a little bit easier for everyone involved during this important and wonderful life transition.

I've removed the material telling readers where to purchase that book. That information is no longer needed. Here's to the book that was and the few copies that still are.