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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ball State University 1977

For BSU grads, here's a glimpse around campus in 1977. Note the now vintage autos, the large typewriter (no laptops or netbooks to speed up report writing), and (I assume) some missing buildings on the landscape. Included in the photos are Bracken Library (the second largest academic library at the time), the architecture school, and East Quad where I took my anthropology and archaeology courses. Two dorms are shown as well ... you know them if you were there! Also, note the old friends from days gone by. If you recognize yourself in any of the photos, get in touch.

This is back in the day when there were no cell phones. In the freshman dorm there was one phone in a nook between two rooms. You memorized each other's schedules if you wanted to get together and hang out. Dropping by to see who was around was one of the better times of the day.

Also, in the winter of 1977-1978, there was a blizzard. It was my reintroduction to the Midwest, and I soon purchased a snorkle hood coat like almost everybody else. The problems with those coats where they cut off you peripheral vision ... and you had no idea who was coming your way, or even which gender they were!

For the homecoming that year, Red Skelton came to town and did a wonderful show. He came the BSU twice and I saw both shows. He was terrific.

That year the first Star Wars movie (from the original series) came out and that was a big deal. At orientation I saw "May the Force Be With You" on a dorm door and thought it was referring to some religious sect. I hadn't seen the movie yet. Little did I know how right I was!
If you know or are one of the people in any of these pictures, leave me a message below. 

They said at orientation that social life was half of the life at college and very important. They were right.

Transit between Northern Virginia and Muncie, Indiana, came courtesy of Amtrak until they raised their prices to within $30 of the airlines and then I flew. Amtrak took 17 hours to get you to Muncie from Washington, D.C. ...Those seats on Amtrak ... were they really purple?! Hard to tell with 3 decade old color photos. By the way, the gigantic brown bag in the overhead on the right was mine. Getting that sucker down was potentially lethal to those around me!
Recognize the artist? 

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