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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Celebrating 200 Posts

Following my own advice, J.S. Brooks now celebrates passing the 200 postings mark!

Okay, enough celebrating. Back to the keyboard.

Update September 2012: Since this was first written, blogging has become an early morning routine for me. I give myself 20 minutes to come up with something cogent to say. There are now over 800 posts on J.S. Brooks presents for you to peruse to your heart's content. Some are dated. The earliest posts show me just trying to get the idea of what one blogs about. Since post 200, I've discovered blogs aren't a very good method for selling a book, but they are a good avenue for persuing your own ideas on a wide variety of subjects, which actually attracts more readers. Also, since post 200 I've graduated from seminary and have decided I'm tired of letting the radicals (both Christian and atheist) define my faith for the world. Hence, Good News from Christianity posts, which help me experiment with evangelism while I seek a ministry post as an American Baptist.

Also, since post 200, I've followed my personal enthusiasms. You'll find a few book reviews, some advice for writers and parents, some humor, and a lot of space related articles, as human and robotic space exploration are other passions of mine. I hope you enjoy the posts you find here.

Finally, I've also run across Google+ since post 200, where many like minded people may be found. So, reader, I'm glad you stopped by. I hope you'll check out some of the other posts available. Sorry about the few posts with YouTube clips from sources since deleted from YouTube. I'm learning how to avoid those. I've also discovered posts with personal reflections and insights and useful information (a brief post with instructions on how to turn off a Toyota Yaris Maintenance Required light is the most popular of all ... go figure) are far more popular than any video clip I can offer.

There you have it. Maybe I'll return here at post 1000 and add a few more words. Who knows?

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