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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Go Play

From all you hear on the news, from the grumblings in the streets, from the crazy driving on the highways, from the bizarre rants on the airwaves and electronic media, from the parties who base their raison d'etre on half backed emotional quackery rather than facts, from the rage simmering under the surface everywhere, it is reasonable to conclude we are driving ourselves nuts (this is the royal "we" applied globally, the species "we" rather than the national "we"). Me? Guilty as charged. I'm working full time, attending seminary part time, and by the time I get everything done in a week, I have a serious play deficit. I'm tired, cranky, stressed, ... and my body sent up the emergency flare a month ago when I came down with shingles.

I have a modest proposal. Go play. Have fun. Chuck the cell phone, the Blackberry, the iAnything, and find some family members, some buddies, or go boldly where too few have gone before and PLAY. All creatures with even moderately sized brains need play ... yes, you too. So go. Walk if you love walking, see a movie, play sports, heck play a video game if that's where your fun is. Go now. I'll wait.

Feel better? Sure you do. So chuck the pernicious idea that work should always come first and play ... and sleep ... can wait until later. Maybe then, we ... the human we ... will become happier, saner, more rational people who are far more ready to reach out rather than lash out.

Let's play!

P.S. I'll return to this topic later. There's more to say. But, right now, I gotta play.

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