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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Top Ten List: Great Shows That Aren't There Anymore

I have a habit of enjoying shows that don't stick around very long. It started early on in life and continues today. Here's my list of shows I loved that just aren't around anymore. The good thing is, at least for the early shows, most of them may still be found through Hulu. There you can reconnect and enjoy again or be confronted with what poor taste you had as a kid. Here's my top 10 list of my favorite shows that aren't here anymore, in rough chronological order ... or perhaps in the order I remember encountering them from childhood to adulthood rather than ranked by preference:

  1. Jonny Quest: the original one season wonder ... but you wouldn't know that the way it ran in syndication!
  2. Rocky and Bullwinkle: loved those "Fractured Fairytales!" See these again as a lot of the good stuff went right over your head as a kid!
  3. Superman: the 1950s live action series ... which I saw in syndication, I'm not that old! "Great Caesar's Ghost!"
  4. Batman: live action series that, yes, I did see when it was first broadcast
  5. Twilight Zone: the last of the great anthology shows, morals and dilemmas to ponder: Watch the episode entitled "The Gift" and see if it doesn't remind you of situations today with a party to remain nameless:
  6. The Carol Burnett Show: the best of the variety shows, Carol was brilliant and we all lived for the moments when Tim Conway cracked up Harvey Corman ... or the entire cast, bringing some skit to a grinding halt. [Biggest exception to my shortlived show rule, as this series lasted a while.]
  7. Star Trek (the original series, fondly known as TOS to Trekkers): although beware of the space hippies and "E Plob Neista" episodes (or any where crew members sing and dance and show us how hip they are)...those did not age well. Still I learned important lessons from ST, never feed tribbles, never wear red on the Enterprise, damaged starships tilt at extreme angles, Klingons are not to be trusted and will destroy things they cannot identify, and if there's trouble around but you can't see it, that's probably a cloaked Romulan.
  8. Dead Like Me: quirky and available on Hulu
  9. Pushing Daisies: Fantastically colorful and quirky, amusing exchanges, and available on DVD (both seasons).
  10. Firefly: my personal, recent favorite on this list, sadly also a one season wonder. Fortunately, the movie Serenity gives you the story arc of the intended, longer running series.

If your favs aren't here, sorry about that but this is my list. Write me with your own. Come on, I dare you.

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