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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

J.S. Brooks Takes the Challenge

Marketing gurus have thrown down the gauntlet and I have taken the challenge. They claim you only get useful blog traffic by posting every day. So, for one month I will attempt to blog once each and every day. Each blog will appear on my Facebook page and be listed on my Twitter account. I will use Blog Buzzer to ping the ever-expanding blogosphere for each entry. Occasionally 2 or 3 blogs will be done at once for weekends when I am away. I began earlier this month. However, to make the challenge interesting, the month begins today! September 18, we will see how I have done. At the end of that month, provided I succeed, I will check the Site Meter at the bottom of this blog. At this point 147 people have visited this month and read 260 articles. That will be my starting point. All numbers after this until September 18 will be counted. If, and only if, the numbers are higher for this one month period than any others will I give credence to what the gurus say. Whether or not increased traffic brings buyers for Michael and the New Baby to the site will take longer to determine. That of course was the original purpose of this blog. Needless to say, some of the articles may be at least a bit peculiar ... we shall see.

Part of what makes this challenge interesting is the fact that outside the blogosphere I work full time and attend Palmer Theological Seminary part time, leaving me very little extra time. Can I meet the challenge? I don't know.

Who thinks I can come up with enough material to cover one month from today? Who thinks at least half of that material will be in some way useful? I have set one rule for myself. I will not resort to easy soapbox opinion pieces to fill in that month. The Wood Art Today 2 review is the first article of the challenge.

The clock is ticking and calendar days are drifting by.

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